What is Modular Distance Learning?

If you’ve ever wondered what modular distance learning is, you’re not alone. In the Philippines, a large portion of the population has no access to a formal education, and a significant percentage of the population doesn’t even own a computer. However, the rise of online education has provided an avenue for the public to obtain a formal education. Modular distance learning can help fill this gap. Parents are a student’s mentor, providing guidance and support when needed. Parents can be a great help to their children, giving them a basic understanding of self-learning modules.

Unlike traditional learning environments, online learners have access to instructors and peer groups and can ask questions via the Internet. Additionally, online tests are often constructed with automatic grading capabilities, allowing the learner to get timely feedback. Continual feedback triggers retrieval mechanisms and corrects misconceptions. What’s more, the Internet provides a wealth of interactive multimodal materials. Teachers can use these resources to improve their teaching practices.

While students can work at their own pace, the MKOs should help students manage their time well. In addition to teaching the material, MKOs should also help students learn how to study effectively and manage their time. They can be highly educated, but still guide students on how to master the modules. The same goes for online learning. Regardless of the method, teachers should consider the unique needs of their students when designing an online distance learning course.

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