Mosyle Raised $196 Million in Series B Funding

If you are a member of the tech community, then you probably have heard of Mosyle, a company that provides mobile device management (MDM) solutions for large businesses. The company has recently raised $196 million in Series B funding, and is reportedly generating triple-digit revenue growth.

Moysle raises $196 million in Series B funding

The latest in the mobile device management (MDM) craze is Mosyle, a provider of software to manage and secure iPhones and iPads. The company recently landed a hefty round of funding that will allow it to accelerate its burgeoning business. The $196 million Series B round was led by Insight Partners, the venture capital firm behind Kaseya, the company that bought Datto. Also participating were Elephant and StepStone Group.

Notably, the company oh so named “Moysle” is based in Winter Park, Florida. The company has been around since 2012 and currently employs 104 employees. The company’s latest funding round will enable the company to expand globally and increase its focus on enterprise MDM solutions. The company’s most recent ventures include the introduction of an Apple only MDM platform for K-12 schools and the aforementioned mobile device oma. The company plans to introduce a holistic security platform for Apple devices by the middle of next year. The company’s product lineup stretches from mobile device management to monitoring and a host of other services.

In the last 18 months, Mosyle has raked in $248.1 million in outside funding. The company’s most recent round of investment came courtesy of Insight Partners, a seasoned investor with experience in the endpoint security space. The company plans to use the funds to accelerate adoption of its flagship product, Mosyle Fuse.

Mosyle generates “triple digit revenue growth”

One of my favorite startups, Mosyle, has garnered over 32,000 enterprise customers to date, and to the tune of a hefty $250 million. In addition to a few VC hunks of velvet, it has also nabbed a whopping 85% of its total funding from existing limited partners. In short, Mosyle has the chops to match. Aside from the aforementioned $250 million, the company has garnered an impressive $215 million in cash and unrestricted equity since its founding in 2012 newmags. The company is also well positioned to take advantage of the next big thing – the reskilling of US public sector employees, and a plethora of new and emerging technologies. A recent survey found that 76% of American workers and a third of teachers were utilizing a BYOD (bring your own device) model of some sort. To combat this, Mosyle is leveraging its extensive network of resellers and partners to build out a best-in-class mobile security offering.

Mosyle is a mobile device management company

Mosyle is an Apple equipment management firm that aims to help schools and businesses to better manage their Apple devices. They offer a range of services, including Automated Device Enrollment and iPadOS Remote Management businesslognews.

In the education market, Mosyle focuses on providing a complete solution that can automate and simplify the deployment, management, and security of a school’s entire fleet of Apple devices. Their goal is to make teaching and learning more efficient.

In addition to managing Apple devices, Mosyle also offers cloud-native Mobile Device Management, security tools, and integrations. They also offer a free account, called Mosyle Business, which includes all of the MDM features of the premium solution for up to 30 devices irtdaily.

Mosyle’s Apple Unified Platform integrates five critical applications into one single Apple-only platform: Mobile Device Management, Encrypted DNS Privacy & Security, Security Compliance Review, Endpoint Security, and Single Sign-On. It is designed to eliminate manual configurations of devices, while automatically enforcing endpoint security, content filtering, and other policies.

The Mosyle app allows users to create Device Groups, set up email accounts, and configure settings for their iPads. They can even create custom scripts to automatically install apps.

Mosyle is the first and only company to provide full Apple MDM and Mobile Security Solutions. They use their own MDM to automatically secure and update the operating system, add layers of security compliance, and provide automated remediation artdailynewsonline.

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