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HealthTap is a national virtual Primary care services provider that offers 24/7 access to board-certified doctors via text or video chat. Additionally, the platform provides an expansive library of questions answered by doctors as well as AI-powered symptom checkers for added convenience.

Effective primary care can significantly enhance a person’s wellbeing and save them money on medical expenses. It may even assist them in managing their chronic conditions more effectively.

Urgent Care

HealthTap is a virtual-first, affordable urgent and primary care clinic that provides top-quality physician care nationwide – to all Americans with or without insurance. Its proprietary apps and electronic medical record follow Silicon Valley standards to effectively engage consumers and doctors online, increasing equity, accessibility, and efficiency of ongoing medical care for members.

Health Tap provides 24/7 access to U.S.-based board-certified doctors who can diagnose, prescribe medicine, order lab tests and refer patients for in-person care if needed. Furthermore, each visit ends with a detailed treatment plan that details all findings doithuong.

HealthTap network doctors are board-certified, licensed physicians, dentists, clinical psychologists and pharmacologists with extensive experience treating urgent care patients of all ages in a virtual clinic setting. They must be flexible while providing compassionate, evidence-based healthcare by meeting patients on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Primary Care

HealthTap provides primary healthcare services to help individuals lead a healthy lifestyle. Its doctors can diagnose, prescribe medication, order lab tests and suggest referrals.

HealthTap also features an AI chatbot that helps users comprehend what’s causing their symptoms and provides doctor-assisted guidance. It has a database of questions answered by certified doctors as well.

Studies have demonstrated that effective primary care can extend life expectancies and reduce health costs. The key to this success lies in maintaining continuity of care.

HealthTap is a national virtual primary care provider that strives to offer quality medical services at an affordable price. Members can connect with US-based doctors via video conferencing, the HealthTap app or their phone for urgent or ongoing primary medical and mental health needs.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral health is a common issue seen in primary care settings. Whether you suffer from anxiety, depression or an addiction, receiving behavioral healthcare is essential for long-term recovery.

Although mental health is becoming more widely acknowledged as essential for overall wellness, many patients lack access and adequate support. A comprehensive approach that integrates mental and physical healthcare is necessary for preventing chronic disease, improving quality of life and controlling costs.

Hartford HealthCare’s Medical Group recently took action to meet this need by adding behavioral health services into their primary care practices. A behavioral health specialist is assigned to each practice and works closely with patients who are screened for anxiety or depression.

Sexual Health

Sexual health is an essential topic to take into account when planning your healthcare journey. Although it can be complex and intimidating to understand, it should never be dismissed completely or neglected entirely.

At Weiss HealthCare, we provide a variety of services to promote your overall wellbeing. From sexually transmitted disease (STI) testing and contraceptive advice, there’s something here for everyone.

Testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is an integral component of the program, so be sure to book an appointment for a quick and painless test today!

You might also want to explore our other sex-related services like risk reduction counseling and free rapid HIV and hepatitis C testing for those at risk of contracting the devastating disease.

For more information about our sexual health services, contact us or stop by the front desk to make an appointment. Our staff is happy to answer your queries and assist in making the most of your healthcare journey.

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