Gujarati Language Read On To Learn More About Its History And Culture

The Gujarati language is an Indo-Aryan language with the same basic vocabulary as standard Hindi. It is spoken in the state of Gujarat and is also the official language of Pakistan. The word “Gujarati” refers to the people who live in the state of Gujarat. In addition to its distinctive language features, Gujarati is an important source of culture and art, and many people in India are fluent in the language. To learn more about the Gujarati language, read on to learn more about its history and culture.bestnewshunt

A typical Gujarati village is composed of a cluster of one or two-story houses, a temple, a square in the center, and a few shops. The higher castes live in the central area. Houses for the artisan caste are located around the center area. Earlier, villages were surrounded by mud walls to protect the local inhabitants from robbers and invaders. In addition, the untouchable caste lives outside the village’s boundaries.

Gujarati cuisine combines a rich variety of spices. Typically, wheat is the staple food, and flour is made into unleavened bread called “roti” and eaten with vegetable dishes. During the day, villagers take a light meal of roti and curds for breakfast. At lunch, they typically eat a simple meal of roti and buttermilk. This type of food is known as “gujarati kadhi” and is popular throughout the state. thedocweb

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