Aloha! Surfing is one of the oldest sports. And it’s not just a sport, but it’s a way of life and special philosophy. We have collected for you the most interesting facts about surfing, if you don’t want to be a cook (spoiler: so professional surfers call surfers who don’t understand much in surfing)! 

  1. Surfing is now an official Olympics discipline. It will be featured in the program of the Summer 2024 Olympics in Paris. 
  2. There is a special surfing slang for all people who like this lifestyle. facts about surfing. “Off the hook” means that the waves are perfect to surf. And “downy” surfing is surfing in the early morning. And “kooks” are surfers (not necessarily beginners), who are generally clueless and not enough experienced.
  3. Surfers never paddle against a wave. If you unexpectedly run into a wave, never paddle against it. This robs time and above all precious strength. It is also counterproductive. Imagine you are running down a fast escalator in the opposite direction – unpleasant, isn’t it? It’s best to paddle out of the current channel at a right angle and then back on land or into position. If you still can’t make it out of the current, try to draw attention to yourself by actively waving. Important: Keep calm. Panic costs energy!
  4. The international signal of panic for surfers is a fist raised in the air.
  5. There is a special day dedicated to surfing! Every year June 20th is celebrated as International Surfing Day.
  6. At Huntington Beach in California, there is an annual surf contest for dogs. The contest has a good purpose. The proceeds are donated to various animal welfare organizations. 
  7. The first surfing competition was held in 1928 in California.
  8. The first international championship in surfing was in 1953 in Makaha, Hawaii.
  9. Flowboarding, or riding on artificial waves, refers to extreme sports and recreation. It includes elements from surfing, skateboarding and many other activities. 
  10. You don’t necessarily need to visit Hawaii, Australia or Maldives to try surfing. Today there is a technology called “artificial wave” which allows you to try surfing even in the spots which are not generally used for this kind of sport. 
  11.  The first pool with artificial waves was built in Japan.
  12. The biggest wave ever measured was an incredible 1738 feet or 530 meters high. So there would have been nothing left of the Empire State Building, for example, with its 381 meters by far. By the way, this beast reared up off Alaska in 1958.
  13. There is an educational program, a degree course in the Playmouth University in England, called “Surf Science and Technology”.
  14. The record for the most people surfing together on one surfboard is 47 people!
  15. The Hawaiians called surfing he’enalu, which means “gliding on a wave.” For Hawaiians, surfing was a central part of their religion. Not only did surfing signify a deep spiritual connection to the ocean, it was also a way for chiefs to ceremonially assert their power.
  16. Surfing is one of the oldest sports on earth. The exact date of surfing’s origin is still uncertain, but a rock painting has been found in Chan Chan in Peru that depicts surfing.
  17. The record for the longest wave ride is 3 hours 55 minutes. A panamanian surfer set the record in 2011 when he rode an artificial wave created by a Celebrity net worth motorboat.
  18. There is a special weather forecast for surfers. It began to be actively developed after the U.S. State Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration opened its data for free access as part of the Wavewatch III project.
  19. Surfing is a hobby of many celebrities and politicians: Prince William and Barack Obama also practice “going for a wave”.
  20. Kelly Slater is known as the highest paid surfer and a crowned World Surf League champion. He did it 11 times.
  21. One of the biggest surfing competitions is the Coronado Bay Resort in California.  

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