Best Supports in League of Legends

League of Legends is a team-based game with over 100 million monthly active players battling on the Rift. Given its large player base and ever-expanding list of champions, putting together an effective team and capitalizing on its advantages can be challenging. 

The support role is critical within a team because these players are responsible for map awareness, crucial saves, and team sustainability. Furthermore, their impressive crowd control abilities can save you in the most critical parts of the game, whether in professional or casual plays.

The support’s meta is constantly changing, and staying current on the top support champions in League of Legends at any given time can help players excel in the bottom lane and extend their influence across the game’s map.

What are the Best Support Champions in League of Legends?

The champions’ meta hasn’t seen any significant changes in patch 14.2, with champions like Rakan and Janna continuing to dominate the support role. Let’s dive deeper into their abilities and impact on the game.

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Rakan is a highly adaptable support who can shift his playstyle to focus on landing, roaming, or holding out for team fights, where he excels. His skill set, which combines mobility and crowd control, positions him as one of the best support options in the League of Legends Worlds. His ultimate Quickness is a deadly option in team fights, providing both offensive and defensive capabilities. 


Janna has exceptional peeling abilities thanks to her Q and R abilities. Her shielding power is increased when combined with items such as the Ardent Censer and Staff of Flowing Water, making her an even more formidable support. She excels at countering champions with short-range and provides excellent support to her teammates. Her Monsoon (R) ability also provides incredible sustain during team fights due to its significant healing.


Maokai has been a solid support option for some time, and we should include him on our list of top Supports for climbing the ranks. His overall durability and the extensive crowd control (CC) abilities in his kit are key reasons to pick Maokai in the current patch. With the addition of the Trailblazer item, Maokai’s already terrifying ultimate gains even more power. Now, when he roots enemies from a distance, he and his allies can close the gap and engage them more easily.


Blitzcrank is a strong support pick in the current League of Legends meta, thanks to his unique hook ability, which surprises enemies and positions them awkwardly. A skilled Blitzcrank player can dominate the game, making the laning phase difficult for the opposition. If he manages to deplete an enemy’s Flash early on, surviving against him becomes much more difficult.

However, Blitzcrank’s effectiveness heavily depends on his skill shot accuracy. If these are not successfully landed, his impact on the game will be less effective than other supports on the list.

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