Do Criminals Tell Their Lawyers the Truth?

Do criminals tell their attorneys the truth? This is a question that most people accused of a crime will face. While it is true that most criminals do not lie, it’s not necessarily the case that all criminals tell the truth. Sometimes, criminals lie to protect themselves and the criminal justice system. Others may lie to avoid the shame of being caught or judged. In such cases, a criminal lawyer will not be as aggressive in advocating their client’s side.

In many high-profile criminal cases, the lawyers representing them are demonized by the public. Especially in cases where a client has been acquitted, the public reacts in an unfavorable way. In one famous case, David Westerfield was convicted of killing a seven-year-old girl. Yet, Feldman has said that he believed his client was innocent and had no idea he was in prison.

Fortunately, criminal defense lawyers are not required to ask their clients if they are guilty. While it’s tempting to share your emotions with your attorney, remember that he or she is a professional and must remain emotionally strong. The lawyer should be aware that your case is serious and should not be taken lightly. It is important to remember that an attorney’s job is to make the system work. If a person is guilty, the court will determine who is responsible. The judges will hold the gavel.

When police officers interview a suspect, they should read their rights before asking them questions. If a person is not read their rights, their statements can be suppressed. This is another reason an experienced criminal defense attorney will attack the police for violating a suspect’s rights. And if a police officer does not read the rights, it does not mean that he will tell the truth. It is essential to hire a lawyer who specializes in this area of law.

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