What’s Wrong With Our Education System?

There are many problems with our education system, including declining test scores, increasing crime and violence, and the socialization of schooling. While some parents may lack interest in their child’s education, this is a small minority. Despite the problems, the current system is doing little to help children succeed. Here are some things you should know. Read on to learn what’s wrong with our country’s education system

Overcrowding: According to a recent report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, fourteen percent of schools nationwide have more students than they had in 2007. This makes teaching and learning difficult, and the lack of space makes it impossible to keep students happy. Many people blame the economic recession for the lack of funding in our schools. But is there another problem? Perhaps it’s time to think bigger.

Reforming education. New political leaders create legislation that will radically improve the education system. Politicians draft a bill, the usual suspects testify at hearings, and then enact it. The next election cycle rolls around, and very few educators pay any attention to the new political agenda. The next administration has no interest in implementing the previous administration’s agenda. It has its own agenda

The educational system began in the New England colonies as a privately owned institution, and attendance was voluntary. Eventually, the government began to play a more significant role in education by subsidizing schools and establishing government-run schools. In Massachusetts, for example, compulsory attendance was enacted in 1852, and by 1918, attendance became compulsory throughout the country. Until the early twentieth century, government control of schools was local. Neighborhood schools were run by neighborhood school boards. However, in big cities, a reform movement started, fueled by the widening ethnic makeup of school districts and the belief that professional educators should have more power in education

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