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Is Service Over Social Media the Future of Customer Services?

As the world turns increasingly digital, how can customer care stay up to date? Is service over social media the future? This article will explore the benefits and challenges of this new customer service channel. Also, learn more about the digital customer service playbook. After all, the future of customer service is in the hands of the consumer. And, after all, how can you please a consumer when they don’t like what you’re offering?

For one, social customer care can be extremely effective. Not only does it address the customer directly, but also anyone else who might witness the exchange. It can increase sales and brand loyalty. Social customer care also generates shout-outs for companies that respond quickly. This is free advertising for companies. Finally, social customer service is a powerful tool in enforcing brand loyalty and creating a positive image.

What’s more, the future of customer support is mobile. Many eCommerce companies are leveraging the power of social media for customer service. Even brick-and-mortar stores can leverage the power of social media as a local marketing tool, thanks to the location tagging features. In fact, more than a million customers are using Instagram to interact with local businesses. It’s no wonder why social media is the future of customer service.

One of the best examples of social media customer care is Applebee’s. They respond to customer complaints with quirky responses and often offer them an option for offline conversation. They even give their followers a phone number to reach them offline. Using social media as a customer service channel can help improve customer retention metrics and generate significant value for a business. And while this trend may not be for every company, it’s worth considering.

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